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December 2011 - three new MP3 Discs added - 1966 Volumes 1 & 2, and Jean Shepherd Interviews and Guest Appearances - see MP3 section for details. August 20, through September 01, 2011 all Hartwest/Radio Again Sets are on sale at 20% off! January 01, 2009, 6AM Happy New Year! - new Items Added: Two more 1964 mp3 discs, making available all the WOR studio shows in my collection from that year. You can get all four discs for a special price - see 1964 MP3 Set for the package price and save $8. I have also added the 1969 reading of "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" on a single MP3 disc - sort of an experiment to see if there's any overwhelming preference for one format over the other. I expect to release some future sets in both formats, like the forthcoming 1964 Limelight shows, which may well be my next project. Also working on a long run of shows starting in the Fall of 1974, running through the end of the run in 1977. These will be MP3 only, as the sound quality doesn't warrant CD release. By the way, if you see any show in the old tape catalog or MP3 listings that you want on CD, please inquire - I've been digitizing the entire collection, but the project is far from done. But any show I have digitized can be burned onto CD for you. Custom price of $5 per disc if I have it on hand. December 12, 2008 - Get those Christmas orders in! We ship almost every day until it's too late, via first class or Priority Mail. Added 2 new DVDs - Chicago White Sox-A Visual History - 1987, and Jean Shepherd on Route One... and Other Thoroughfares - from NJ Network 1984. Updated DVD sets. December 05, 2008: Added 2 new MP3 Discs - 1964 volumes 1 & 2 - more shortly. Also added a rare reading by Shep himself of his first book "IN God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash" on 7 CDs. Check back shortly for a few more MP3s of 1974 shows, Limelight Shows on CD and MP3, and a new RADIO SPIRITS 4-CD set of Shep's 1964 trip to England to cover the Beatles for Playboy. From Feb 2008: Just released in the final week of February 2008, from the same producers of the previous sets-Radio Again, now combining forces with the oldest and largest Old Time Radio distributor-Radio Spirits - maybe that accounts for the price increase on these new ones. But you want to complete your set, don't you?? If you missed the earlier releases, we have fresh supplies of all of them, so collect them all! Since I'm only a middleman, I still have to charge postage on these, but if you order several sets, write to me for some relief on the excess postage fees. All of my own in-house productions are still sent to you with no additional charge for postage. Coming soon - every 1964 radio show in my collection on handy mp3 discs, both the daily studio shows and the Saturday night Limelight shows. Keep checking back for details.
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1964 MP3 4-Disc Set
All four of the 1964 MP3 discs at a special price!
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All 12 Shep DVDs
Get all twelve of my Shep DVDs for bargain price! Save $44 compared to individual pricing, save $15 over the smaller set prices.
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Item NumberDVD 12 DVD Set

In God We Trust, All Other Pay Cash
Complete reading of Shep's first novel, by the author himself! Now on MP3
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Item NumberIGWT MP3
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